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Tenacious and Sharp Defense Strategies for Sex Offense Cases

Being charged with a sex offense is a serious matter, and it should be taken seriously by you and your attorney. In fact, Virginia Law has no requirement other than the mere allegation of a sex offense in order to prosecute a person. You read that right: You can be prosecuted even where no hard evidence exists to prove that a sex offense occurred, an accusation is all it takes.

Not only is it prudent to respond with appropriate zeal against these charges, it is critical to take steps in order to protect the privacy and reputation of the defendant in any criminal case involving a sexual allegation.

Many Virginia criminal defense lawyers will not take on sex crimes cases, or they will fervently work towards a plea bargain in order to avoid going to court at all costs. Some don’t have the heart to vigilantly cross-examine their client’s accuser. Some lack the intestinal fortitude, or “guts” to delve deep into an accuser’s sexual history to find credibility issues or prior false accusations. These strategies are often the key to a solid defense against a sex crime charge. Your constitutional rights guarantee that you have the right to an tenacious and sharp legal defense mounted by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, no matter what kind of crime you were accused of. Eric Clingan has won “Not Guilty” verdicts in sex offense cases involving the accusations of children, doctor’s patients, prostitution stings, illegal massages and sexual assaults.

Protecting Your Privacy and Informing You of Your Legal Options

If you have been charged with a sex crime in Virginia, you already know that your life is being drastically altered as you read this. Time is often a critical issue in preparing a strong defense. DO NOT WAIT. With your future, your finances, your relationships, and your reputation on the line, you simply MUST hire an experienced attorney who has a proven track record of providing clients with an aggressive defense of their rights and freedom.

Fairfax Virginia Sex Charges Attorney

At the NoVa Law Firm, our goal is to first and foremost protect your rights under Virginia law.

We also work hard at protecting your privacy during each stage of the case by routing all communication regarding the case to our office.

We will do everything possible to ensure that you are able to continue leading a normal life while waiting for trial.

Our defense strategies involve embarking on a thorough investigation of the allegations, an in-depth review of any medical evidence, including DNA results, and interviewing all possible eyewitnesses and character witnesses. These activities, and many more, have helped us develop the strongest defense possible to win previous cases. Let us put this tried and true approach to work for you.

Potential Defenses Against Sex Crimes

At the NoVa Law Firm, we take the time to investigate every facet of the alleged incident. Having successfully defended multiple sex crime cases in the past, we have the expertise and resources to craft creative defenses that have a high chance of success, and can give you the tools needed to face the charges levied against you with confidence.

While the burden of proof that the prosecution must meet under Virginia law is often severely lacking, you can imagine the emotional “tug” that some accusers can pull on juries and judges. There are proven ways to guard against these tactics in a sex crime case. But handling an accuser who may be trying to win sympathy points with a jury is a matter for an attorney with deft skills and a compassionate but tough approach to defending the accused. Eric Clingan is just such an attorney.

In many cases, you stand a much higher chance of successfully having the charges against you dismissed by forcing the prosecutor to go to trial. In contrast, when you accept a hastily arranged plea bargain, you give up your right to test the evidence and the witness’ credibility and very often walk yourself right into a lengthy prison sentence.

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Sex crimes must be handled both aggressively and delicately, in order to protect the privacy of the defendant and pursue the dismissal of all charges. At the NoVa Law Firm, we will provide you with the comprehensive legal support you need during this difficult time, and we’ll keep you informed of what is happening with your case each step of the way.

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