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Tough Drug Crime Defense In Fairfax, VA

In Virginia, drug charges require the expertise of an aggressive lawyer who is willing go the extra mile to defend you because drug-related convictions are serious and last forever. There are many different types of drug violations, and your defense strategy will largely depend on what you were charged with. Many lawyers may push clients towards surrendering their rights and taking a plea “bargain” in certain cases, such as simple drug possession. In fact, avoiding a trial is often not in the client’s best interest.

Because of Virginia’s tough prosecution tactics and the consequences that follow, a plea bargain is often not a “bargain” at all for the defendant. Going to trial and mounting an aggressive defense against the prosecution on every aspect of the case is often the winning strategy that delivers the most potential benefit for the client when compared to the lifetime costs of a conviction.

Many lawyers will all too quickly suggest you accept what is known in Virginia as a “251” disposition from the prosecutor. A “251” disposition requires you to attend a drug class, complete 24 hours of community service and surrender your driving privileges for 6 months. In return, the case will be dismissed –but the charge will stay on your record FOREVER.

What these lawyers don’t tell you is that in most cases Virginia judges will still provide you with a “251” disposition even if the prosecution is able to prove their case at trial. Keep in mind, most prosecutors will admit that there is no such thing as the “Perfect Trial.” Mistakes can and do happen. With an aggressive and knowledgeable drug charge defense lawyer like Eric Clingan, those mistakes can mean the difference between keeping your record completely clean and a devastating conviction. The choice is clear; You can give up all your rights without a fight or, risk nothing to try the case and keep the prospects of a clean record on your side.

Virginia Drug Offenses

There are a variety of drug offenses in Virginia, including:

  • Possession of cocaine
  • Possession of methamphetamines
  • Possession of heroin
  • Illegal possession of prescription drugs
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Possession of drugs with the intent to sell, manufacture, or distribute
  • Drug offenses that occur in a school zone
  • Prescription fraud

If you were charged with any of the above drug crimes, it is critical to the success of your case to have an experienced attorney on your side who is adept at devising a creative, hard hitting legal strategy in your defense.

At the NoVa Law Firm, we we are committed to protecting the privacy and rights of our clients because we understand that being charged with and convicted of a drug offense can negatively affect a person’s life, their family and their employment prospects.

15 Years of Experience in Virginia Court Drug Cases

Fairfax Drug Charge Lawyer

With so much on the line, including your career, your relationships, your finances, and your future, you simply cannot afford to hire an attorney who lacks experience, is afraid of trials or who won’t take your case seriously and just pushes plea bargains as if he were the prosecutor, himself.

Over the last 15 years, the NoVa Law Firm has provided quality, zealous legal representation to clients across the state who have been charged with various drug offenses because we believe your future is too important to give up without a fight.

We investigate the facts surrounding each case thoroughly because we know that potential points of defense are around every corner of a drug case. For example, depending on where or how the drugs were found in a simple possession case, we may be able to argue that the drugs weren’t legally in your possession and may have belonged to someone else. In other cases, we may be able to argue that law enforcement conducted an illegal search and seizure or that the police improperly mishandled or incorrectly tested the evidence. Convictions come too easily to prosecutors when the wrong defense lawyer fails to do his homework, fails to prepare and fails to look for every route to a “Not Guilty” verdict.

Don’t Wait – Get an Aggressive Defender on Your Side Today

Don’t wait to contact an experienced lawyer when you are charged with a drug offense in Virginia. It is critical that you act quickly and obtain the assistance of a veteran attorney who understands that a strong legal defense is the key to success.

Contact the NoVa Law Firm today for a free consultation to discuss the charges against you and what your rights are. We will keep you informed of every development as your case progresses, including updating you on information received through our investigations of the officer’s actions and, when necessary, results from lab tests on the evidence. For 15 years our clients have invested in our legal skills because they know we’re not afraid of hard work and we use all the tools at our disposal to pursue the complete dismissal of drug charges. Call today at (703) 352-9347.


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