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As a recognized and well-respected instructor of other Family Law attorneys, Eric Clingan knows that support cases are some of the most controversial cases in Virginia family law history.

Whether you are in danger of paying unreasonable support, losing support dollars, or need to increase the support you already receive, it is imperative that you work with an experienced attorney who is committed to zealously advocating for your support rights and best interests under Virginia law.

Virginia Child Support

Child support is a payment that is made from the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent during or after a separation or a divorce in order to help provide for the child’s financial needs. In most cases, child support is required to remain in effect until the child reaches the age of 18 and/or graduates from high school.

What to Do If You Need Child Support

If you are the primary custodian of a child, the child’s other parent must adequately provide financially for his or her child under Virginia law. Petitioning the court for child support, including a request to increase child support due to a change in circumstances since the initial award, can be a lengthy and complex process, and often requires the assistance of a skilled and experienced attorney. By working with a lawyer you trust, you can be confident that you will receive every last dollar of support you need to care for your child, even if the other parent is against paying child support or refuses to do so.

What to Do If You Are Being Asked to Pay Child Support

Many people who are asked to pay child support, either by their spouse or by the state, are worried that they will be required to pay too much and for good reason. However, in most Virginia jurisdictions a reasonable amount of child support can be calculated using a standard formula based on the payer’s income, the payee’s income and any extraordinary needs of the child or children. If your income significantly changes at any point, you may request that the court enter a modification to the original support order so you are not being forced to pay more than you can afford. An experienced lawyer can help you because you need to be certain that the child support you are paying is both reasonable and affordable. Always consult an attorney if you are unable to meet your support obligations because failure to pay child support in Virginia, even for a short time, can result in a jail sentence.

Virginia Spousal Support

Spousal support, also called alimony, is a payment that is made from the higher earning spouse to the lower earning spouse during or after a divorce in order to help them regain financial footing and learn to live independently. Many forms of spousal support are temporary and are designed to end at some point, for example, if the spouse achieves gainful employment or remarries. Spousal support, like child support can normally be calculated based on a standard formula used in most Virginia jurisdictions. This calculation considers the income of both parties and any other extraordinary financial needs of either party. IMPORTANT: Spousal support can be, and often is, awarded in divorce cases where one party proves that the other party caused the marriage to break down, otherwise known as “Fault-based” divorce.

What to Do If You Need Spousal Support

If you need spousal support in order to meet your financial needs during or following a divorce, you need an aggressive lawyer to advocate for your rights because an experienced attorney can help you illustrate to the court in a compelling way that you have the right to the maximum financial support possible.

What to Do If You Are Asked to Pay Spousal Support

If your spouse is requesting that you pay support, you may be worried that you will be ordered to pay too much. This is a common concern, and if at all possible, it is often in your best interest to avoid paying spousal support at all. A dedicated and knowledgeable divorce attorney, Eric Clingan, will aggressively advocate for your right to keep your assets and help illustrate to the court why your spouse should not be eligible for support.

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