Virginia Driver’s License Point System

Think traffic tickets are no big deal? Think again. Accruing too many points on your driver’s license can lead to penalties and even probation. Certain offenses carry more weight than others and understanding how Virginia’s Uniform Demerit Point System works is essential to navigating the state’s roadways as well as its traffic laws

Virginians Convicted of Marijuana Possession Can Keep License if Bill is Passed

A recently proposed bill that would peel back penalties for individuals convicted of marijuana possession is working its way through the Virginia General Assembly, having already been passed by a 38-2 vote in the State Senate. SB 1091, sponsored by Sen. Adam Ebbin (D-Alexandria) and Sen. Bill Stanley (R-Franklin County), would change the law so […]

A DUI without “Driving”??

In Virginia, A DUI sometimes has nothing to do with "Driving". In fact, you can be arrested for DUI while parked on the street or IN YOUR OWN DRIVEWAY!