What is an Ignition Interlock in VA?

If you are convicted of drunk driving in Virginia, you face many penalties. Depending on the circumstances of your case, and whether it is your first offense, you could face costly fines, prison time, and a suspended license. Additionally, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device or IID in your vehicle. An IID is essentially a breathalyzer that is hooked up to your car’s ignition. If it detects alcohol on your breath, it will prevent you from starting the vehicle.

Certain devices also have what is called a “rolling retest feature.” This means that after the car has been in motion for a set time, the IID will beep and require the driver to test their breath again. This feature is designed to prevent you from having a sober friend breathe into the device so that you can drive your car drunk.

Recover your license after a Virginia DUI

Losing your license after a DUI conviction can be devastating. It may affect your ability to commute to work or school, seek gainful employment, or spend time with your family. However, you may qualify for a restricted driver’s license if you are a first-time offender. This license  allows you to drive as long as you have an IID installed in your vehicle. Alternatively, you could  wait out the 1-year license suspension. If you obtain a restricted license, and have a good driving record, a judge has the discretion to remove the device from your vehicle after 6 months.

How much is an IID?

The specific cost varies between different IID companies. However, the average cost seems to be approximately $80 a month. In some cases, an IID provider may charge an additional cost to remove the device.

The penalty for failing an IID test

If you blow into an IID and it detects alcohol, you will be unable to drive your vehicle. If it is your first violation, and you report to the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP), and explain yourself, you may not face any punishments. Alternatively, you may be required to attend an alcohol treatment program. For subsequent violations, however, you will be required to return to court and you could face jail time.

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About the Author: Eric Clingan

About the Author: Eric Clingan

Eric Clingan is an experienced Criminal Defense attorney and the founder of the NoVA Law firm. He focuses his practice on defending residents of Northern Virginia charged with DUIs, reckless driving, drug charges, and other criminal accusations

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